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Foreign investors in Cuban real estate market.
For foreign investors willing to invest in Real Estate in Cuba, especially in Havana, certain rules apply. Although the process is a little bit more complicated in this case, foreigners can buy a home for sale in Cuba. If you are not a Cuban citizen and want to learn more about how to buy a house, a condo or an apartment in Cuba, you should contact one of our lawyers to learn the particulars. In general, there are several options for a foreigner to buy a home in Cuba or make a real estate investment:

  • marrying a Cuban, which allows the foreign citizen to become permanent resident or temporary resident in Cuba, thus being allowed by law to buy a home from local Cuban owner.
  • Investing in Cuba in any sort of corporation, which is recognized and registered before the Chamber of Commerce. This can be done by joining an existing firm operating in Cuban or just opening a new office in Havana ( which is usually more complicated ). Either way the foreign citizen could become Permanent resident in Cuba and be able to buy a home or a property in the island. If you are willing to take this path, let us know, email us and we will put you in touch with a corporate lawyer specialized on this field.
  • Buying directly from a current foreigner who owns a home, or an apartment in Cuba. During the 1990 s decade and part of the next one, Cuban law permitted for short time the construction of some condo buildings where foreigners could buy an apartment. Those who did, and bought at fair rates during those times, are now able to sell to other foreigners who are not residents in Cuba. This is the only scenario according to current legislation, where a non Cuban resident can buy a home or invest in the Cuban Real estate market. It is true that sales prices are high at the moment, cause the demand is high and offer very limited, but we can find a price in between for you, We can identify a good real estate investment opportunity in Cuba even if you are not Resident in the island. Just check the offers advertised in our site, and have an idea on quality, prices and condo features. Email us, tell us your needs and we will find the right home for sale in Cuba for you.

We know the particulars of the Real estate market in Cuba, which has just began to function after some law changes recently applied by Cuban government . The home for sales business in Cuba is a new adventure, for it was subject to incredible irregularities and unique rules originated within a socialist society, so it is not easy to find a serious Cuban realtor....unless you contact us by email or on the phone. If you need to sell your home in Cuba, buy a property in Havana, buy a home in Cuba or invest in the Cuban Real Estate market, you are only a step away from beginning a serious journey guided by us. See how to reach us bellow


If you are Cuban citizen, the process of buying a home is really simple. According new Cuban law on property sales you are entitled to negotiate the buying of any home, with a local Cuban owner. The price is to be set freely between seller and buyer, and each party is due to pay a 4 % tax on the property sale executed in Cuba. The owner must have the home for sale properly registered in the National Registrar Properties Office, and the home buying transaction is to be done though a local bank where the buyer make a deposit, issue a bank cheque on the name of the seller, and both parties pay the 4% tax on the transaction. The home sale in Cuba, according the law, is legally executed before a registered Notary, who issues the legal documents ( home property ) passed from the old owner to the new one, and then the buyer is given 30 days ( after taxes are paid ) to register the acquired home before the National Registrar Office. The currency applicable for the transaction on buying a home in Cuba, a Cuba Real Estate investment or any process of the kind, is the Cuban Peso. Although, it is common that both parties agree to use Cuban Convertible Pesos ( CUC ) to pay for a bought house, even when the sales contract states the operation involves only Cuban Pesos.


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