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Cubahomeforsale.com is an Online Real Estate branch of Caribbean Travel and Trading Consultancy, a corporation registered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada  (  Registration # 240241158).
Our partner in Havana, Cuba, is  Poreltecho.com  , a team of experts dedicated to Real Estate in the island and mainly in Havana city. They have a great expertise accumulated during the past years on the construction field, home repair, home appraisal and home sales in Cuba, and now have gathered a group of lawyers, architects, engineers, construction workers and marketing experts, who altogether can provide you with any service related to real estate. From marketing research on real estate in Cuba, to home sales promotion, or identifying business opportunities for property investment in Cuba.
We are committed, above all, to serve you with high professionalism and seriousness in regard to real estate investment or home buying or selling in Cuba. We know the particulars of the Real estate market in Cuba, which has  just began  to function after some law changes recently applied by Cuban government . The home for sales business in Cuba is a new adventure, for it was subject to incredible irregularities and unique rules originated within a socialist society, so it is not easy to find a serious Cuban realtor....unless you contact us by email or on the phone. If you need to sell your home in Cuba, buy a property in Havana, buy a home in Cuba or invest in the Cuban Real Estate market, you are only a step away from beginning a serious journey guided by us. See how to reach us bellow.

In Cuba ( by phone ): +53 7 8300316

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sales@cubahomeforsale.com  / Toronto Office

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Cubahomeforsale.com is the English Language E. Commerce Division of a Joint Venture created between: Trading Islands Market Solutions ltd. (License # 260969845 ) enterprise registered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Guayaba Inversiones Tecnologicas S.L ( www.poreltecho.com)  ( License # B71059539 ), enterprise registered in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain.  This site is dedicated to promote and develop the Real Estate sector in Cuba, the home buying-selling process involving foreigners (non-residents in the island) and Cuban nationals, as well as temporary home rental for visitors and Market research  for investors in the Cuban emerging economy.

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