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Studio apartments / 1 bedroom condos / 2 bedrooms condos/ 3 bedrooms condos


Condo apartments in Havana, owned by foreign investors or businessmen operating in Cuba, for sale.
Prices range from $100,000 USD to $300,000 USD. These are building complexes with one, two and three bedrooms condo apartments ( some include penthouses ), swimming pool, parking lot, grocery shop, gym and security 24/7. Maintenance fees are not high, staff is friendly, and location is always a bonus. These buildings were constructed in quiet and safe elite areas of Havana city.
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La Simona Complex:    
La Cecilia Complex    
San Carlos Complex    


Luxury condos for sale in Havana, Oceanfront building in Malecon Avenue overlooking the Caribbean sea, located in modern Havana, near Hotels like Cohiba and Riviera, luxury apartments and penthouses inside, some with private swimming pool. The Complex is a piece of architecture and engineering, and has all kind of amenities like shopping center, business center, state of the art security, great staff and Location, location, location! See sample pictures >>

Prices ranging from $ 500,000 USD to 1 500,000 USD the penthouse with private pool.

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There are a large number of houses, apartments and even mansions for sale in Havana, that are actually owned by Cuban citizens willing to sell their properties. If you are Cuban, or a foreigner with the Permanent or temporary residency status, you can buy the home for sale and acquire the real estate property . The process is simple, just a transaction before a local notary and the national bank. Prices are negotiated usually in CUC ( Cuban currency equivalent to USD ), sometimes locals who have relatives abroad accept the payments in Euros, CAD, USD, etc in foreign banks. This modality is the most common at the present, for a large portion of Cuban population own the property where they live. Renting is not common for nationals in Cuba. Nowadays, a large number of Cubans are selling their homes and properties in the island, as the real Estate market has began to open after new regulations and laws have become effective. This is the moment to invest, to buy a property in Havana, or at a nearby beach.
See examples of Homes for sales in Havana, a property to buy in Cuba from local owners.
For houses like this one, two floors, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, terrace and patio, and fully renovated , prices oscillate between $ 80,000 and $ 160,00 USD.



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