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Home for sales in the beach near Havana.
As well as the Condo Buildings constructed in late 1990 s and early 200 s in Havana city, some apartments complexes were built in the Beach areas outside the capital city, and they were bought by foreign investors at the time. Some of them are selling their properties now. These Beach Homes for sale in Cuba are mainly apartments, or condo properties overlooking the ocean front. Distance from shore vary from case to case, as well as price depending on it. The Beach Condos feature the same amenities the city condos have, swimming pool, private security, parking space, gym, etc.
Soon we will be adding Cuban owners properties for sale in the beach, but those will be houses constructed some years ago close to the shore line.
For now, see an example of a Beach condo for sale near Havana. Prices vary from $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 USD.

beach-condo-near-havana beachcondohavana
beach condo havana beach condo playas
beach condo kitchen beach condo bedroom




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